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Welcome on our site ""

J hope that you one going,to like this proposition
We we put on serwer our pages with music MIDI and with the music for MINI DISC.
Because we had to take care of all the costs,we need to take a payment,
from you when you order midi or mini disk
but we gurantee that all dis prunes are very good,
and we hawe like 15.000 on our files midi.
We also have 15.000 prunes for songs in english and other languages.
The procedure is almoust the same,but for one text cach you have to $2.
All the prunes from western Europe,Germany,USA,Polish and Britain.
This is all the rhymes from these countries and for MIDI we chang $5,
( with a disc ) for music MD $15 (with MINI DISC)
Under the list is a information and when you click on it.
You an going to see a little box our e-mail.
You have to write the name of the text that you name of the text,
that you choose and your e-mail adress.
You have to put on our account money.
The number of account you are going to get in our letter to you.
When we one going the information from the bank we one going to,
send your order immediately.
A person who`s going to order is going to get information how to put,
the money on our account.
For more information please e-mail us at
We also put on our pages information and photos with the music bands,
who one new in our craft

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